Bhai Dooj | Festival of brother and sister

Bhai Dooj, Legend Behind Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj festival is on the date 5 date of the Diwali, which falls on a new moon evening. The name 'Dooj' means the second date after the new moon. This date is special amongst brothers and sisters and is observed as a symbol of love and affection. The attachment between them is strengthened on this date. customally the sister applies tilak (red vermilion) on her brother's forehead and performs Puja, wishing brother a long and successful life. In return, the brother blesses his sister and offers her Diwali Sweets and Diwali Gifts. There are a variety of historical stories related to this Bhaidooj. Its origin is sometimes related to the stories of Yamraj and his sister Yamuna and sometimes to the legendary tales of Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra.

Bhai Dooj festival stands for the most sacred relationship shared between a brother and a sister. Bhaidooj 2010 will serves as a good time, especially for a married girl, to get together with her own family, and share the post-Diwali glee. Brother can Plan Bhai dooj 2010 in such a way that their loving sister will recall and cherish the date through out her life. As the festival signifies the duty of a brother to protect and guide his sister, also a sisters blessings for her brother. It helps to unite the family, strengthen the attachment between a brother and a sister and bring prosperity, luck and well being.

These dates brother and sisters are not able to meet on the holy occasion of Bhai Dooj. But then also they can celebrate Bhaidooj and can send gifts to India like Bhai Dooj Hamper, Bhai dooj special, Bhai dooj celebration, for Bhaiya and many gift items which are specially designed for the occasion. Now, the distance is not a matter of worries for brothers and sisters. Remembering your siblings on this propitious occasion helps in establishing the attachment between brothers and sisters who are separated by distance and who cannot possibly meet up to celebrate this festive occasion. They can now easily send Bhai dooj gifts to India to show their love and affection.